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About Me

I'm a resilient, curious, compassionate and grateful being. I strive to connect with people and the vast world around me. I place a great deal of value in having a support system; making sure to both contribute and receive from it. I'd be happy to be considered a part of your support system as a resource, guide and advocate.

My journey to Physical Therapy began with a deep desire to heal through movement. The more I learned and witnessed how capable our bodies are the more passionate I felt about the profession. I have always found great joy and strength in exercise and in challenging my body. I also know first hand what it is like to have an injury or change in your body that limits your ability to participate in the things you love. And I'm here to hold space for you and to help you discover what you are capable of accomplishing. 

Education and Advanced Training

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science, Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Herman and Wallace Rehabilitation Institute

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy training for female, male, nonbinary and transgender clients

The Institute of Manual Therapy and The North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Musculoskeletal training for enhancement of clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills.

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Mission Statement

Expanse Physical Therapy's mission is to create space for you allowing for exploration, growth and gratitude so that you can thrive in all aspects of life. 

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